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Mix Kit Pulsar

The Mix Kit Pulsar kit from Vicoustic has 4 Mega-Fuser bass traps and 8 Pulsar absorption plates. It is a complete solution for the treatment of rooms that are less than 6 square meters in size. Bass traps are considered one of the best optimised solutions for the treatment of low frequencies. They are also an excellent complement to other acoustic products.

Features of the Mega Fuser bass traps from Vicoustic:

  • High acoustic performance!!!
  • Easy to install
  • Cost-effective


In stock (can be reordered)


The Vicoustic Pulsar absorption panels, used in a pattern or in individual units, offer excellent absorption properties with a high degree of diffusion.

Additional Information

Weight 7,6 kg
Size 630 × 630 × 620 mm


Packaging unit

4 Mega-Fuser bass traps
8 Pulsar absorption plates

Product dimensions

bass traps 600 x 300 x 260 mm
absorption plates 600 x 600 x 56 mm

Fire protection class

Euroclass F


Blue, VicBase


Polyurethane Foam

m² per box